Dear Friends,

Imagine being disabled and unable to work, having NO resources, NO family to lean on AND having just a few days before becoming HOMELESS!
Thankfully, most of us will never have to face such circumstances BUT I have a friend who is in this exact situation. Her name is Abby Blum. She lives in Providence, RI and desperately needs our help!
Abby has been fighting for Disability for nearly 2 years, cannot work any longer & will be homeless as of March 1, 2013 WITHOUT OUR HELP.
I have setup a special Donation Fund for Abby within my PayPal merchant account. All donations will be tracked and I assure you that they will go directly to Abby. From $1 to $100, no gift is too large or too small! Thank you all for generously sharing anything that you can spare. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to make a donation- Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards and its the #1 service for fast, safe & secure online payments.
I KNOW THAT WE CAN CREATE A MIRACLE FOR ABBY! Any one of us could be in her shoes- Let us all remember the Golden Rule 🙂 and take action accordingly! In Unity, we CAN change the world and the lives of many people through simple acts of kindness…

Thank you and PLEASE DONATE NOW!
Jessica Atkinson
Charleston SC area Realtor and Graduate Student at Charleston Southern University

~ Please visit our FaceBook page ~
Abby B. Blum Love Donation Fund
*Updates & Acknowledgements to our Donors will be posted there as well*

Abby’s Face Book Post -February 18, 2013-
“I am writing this after going DEEP within myself for the last few weeks. I am in need of a favor. I have a disability in the hands of the Appeals Council right now, but I must leave where I am now and I have no place to go. I need a place to lay my head until I can get my case settled or figure out what I can do next…I have medical issues so I cannot work. I was told about shelters and after research and being told that I would have to hope they had a bed nightly or be turned out onto the street, I broke. I have been humbled more than I can ever say and doing this took EVERYTHING I have inside – to ask for help. I am the one who does the helping…now I am on the other side and its life altering, let me tell you. Anyhow, any help would be greatly appreciated and once I settle my case, I can help you in return…until then I am in a very tough situation. If anybody knows anybody needing house watching or needs an honest, trustworthy person to have around for a bit : ) I’m your girl. I can offer only myself and an open Heart for now. I am Grateful for any help or suggestions for a safe environment…”


One thought on “Dear Friends,

  1. I want to Thank You all – from the core of my being – for helping me through this challenge. It has undeniably been one of the darkest times Of my life, but I believe that God has put me here to show me that I am NOT alone and never will be. I am humbled beyond words and my GRATITUDE is indescribable! I send you all Much Love And Much Light. As I drift off to sleep every night, I pray for ALL to never lack for ANYTHING. Please know that I Love You All!
    Again, THANK YOU! My life has been forever changed through this experience – the GENEROSITY, KINDNESS & COMPASSION extended by ALL OF YOU is a true testament to the glory and grace of God…

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